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Isn’t it awesome that buying unique art from some of the most talented folks in the contemporary art world can help provide life saving treatment? Just browse the gallery and the buy/bid buttons will take you to your item of choice. If nothing appeals to you, but you’d still like to help the cause, you can make a donation directly to Art Is Life via PayPal.

We encourage you to share your purchase, the Art Is Life website and/or the GoFundMe page on your social media. Every little bit helps to get the community involved. Spread the word!

Your donations can make a big difference! Once you donate, your work and personal website will be added to the Art Is Life website and shared on multiple social media platforms. Donation ideas stretch as far as the imagination, but may include a wide variety of artistic creations:

Prints Paintings Drawings Sketches Printed Merchandise Cards Buttons and Pins Embroidery Sculpture Clay Figures Plushies Crafts Photography Clothing Jewelry Toys Custom Offers …and lots more!

More information is available by reading through our handy artist packet, where you can learn about submitting your donated items for inclusion in the Art Is Life gallery

Cick here to download or view the artist packet online.

Donate to the cause!

Donations to Art Is Life may be made via PayPal, where your much appreciated contribution will be put to immediate use providing live saving treatment and care.