"Beat it, Lime!"


1½" round




($3 shipping to the US, international shipping TBD)

All proceeds from the purchase of this item go to medical care!

"The amazing Mab Graves sent me a bunch of these awesome *limited edition* collectible Beat it, Lime! pins that she designed in honor of those struggling with Lyme Disease. I will donate 100% of the proceeds to Lyme Disease research via ILADS. This battle is very personal for me, and it seems we all know someone (or multiple people) affected by bug borne illness. Please consider getting one of these pins for yourself or someone you know, and spread the word! These are limited edition collectible Mab Graves items for charity, and once this batch is gone...they're gone! Thank you again, Mab, for your inimitable talent, and a loving heart bigger than the galaxy!"